Oklahoma Cannabis and Marijuana License

Oklahoma Cannabis and Marijuana License

If you want to get an Oklahoma cannabis and marijuana license, you must try hard. There are different instructions. Follow them and be notified. This article is a perfect guide for the questions that you have in mind. Read about the history of Oklahoma medical cannabis. Study weed rules and the law on cannabis in Oklahoma. One more interesting topic. You will learn how to get an Oklahoma cannabis and marijuana license.

Oklahoma Cannabis Legalization History

Cannabis legislation status is mixed in Oklahoma. Medical cannabis was legalized in Oklahoma in 2018. After that, it became the 30th state that legalized medical weed. But recreational weed is illegal. The rules about cannabis use constantly change. Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has changed some rules in 2021. And it has become harder to produce and sell cannabis in Oklahoma.

OMMA has introduced a new system. They track cannabis from the producing stage to the selling stage. It set a program that checks the quality of the cannabis package.

There is a discussion about legalizing recreational weed. But no precise decision has been made yet.

Oklahoma medical cannabis laws

An Oklahoma with a cannabis license can keep about 8 ounces of weed. They can have 72 ounces of edible cannabis. They are allowed to own 6 seeding cannabis plants. 1 ounce of concentrated weed. People approved for medical cannabis licenses can use CBD products. They can use products with a 3 to 10 THC percentage.

1.5 ounces of marijuana possession is a misdemeanor with no license. And the fine for the possession is $400. And if the person doesn’t have a disease, the penalty will be worse.

Cannabis consumption is legal only at home. If people use cannabis in public, it’s a misdemeanor. Even for licensed patients. Oklahoma residents can have medical cannabis in their cars. Only if they don’t cross state lines.

If people drive under the influence, they can spend from 10 days to a year in jail. For the second time, the penalty can be longer. You can read the Oklahoma law. These people will lose their cannabis. They can lose use their driver’s license for three years as well.

How to get an Oklahoma marijuana license?

If you want to get an Oklahoma cannabis and marijuana license, you will have some difficulties. It is generally an uneasy process. Getting a cannabis license in Alaska is also difficult. Even though Alaska has less strict rules.

You must have a pile of documents. Start collecting the documents before the application process. You must apply to the OMMA that we have mentioned above. This is the authority that deals with cannabis issues in Oklahoma. There are different types of licenses you can apply for. For example,

  • Oklahoma cannabis growing license,
  • Dispensary license,
  • Oklahoma medical,
  • Transportation cannabis licenses.

How to get an Oklahoma marijuana growing license?

You should know that growing cannabis in Oklahoma is a tough process. There are different requirements you must meet. You must also have an appropriate location, specific fabrication procedures. You also have to cooperate with licensed dispensaries. The last point is important if you want to be a qualified applicant.

You must be an Oklahoman if you want to apply for a license. You have to prove your residency by showing an ID. The applicant should be 25 or older. The admission department will review your criminal history. You need to have no felonies if you want to be a qualified applicant. There is a distance requirement. The space has to be away from schools or other public institutions. And you need to provide an application photo. These requirements are common for all licenses.

You must provide your company name. If you don’t have a company name, write your name in the application. If you write your business name, you must provide a word document. The document must certify your brand name. And if you write your name, provide a word document. This must assist that you use your legal business name.

After the submission, OMMA will review it. This may last 90 business days. They will reject if you don’t provide the necessary information. After that, you will have 30 days to complete your paperwork. If you do, they will reconsider your application. After this process, OMMA will let you know the results. If you pass, you will receive a cultivator’s license.

With this license, you will be able to grow and sell cannabis. Sell them to licensed local dispensaries.

Oklahoma cannabis license renewal application

Submit your Oklahoma cannabis license renewal application before the license expiration date. Do not submit it sooner than two months before the expiration date. You must prove your residency for the Oklahoma cannabis license. It should prove that you are an Oklahoma resident for at least the last two years.

Certificate of Compliance

You must submit a certificate of compliance. This is about the business location. This is an official document that shows your location meets the requirements. You can resort to Oklahoma City for the certificate. Contact them for more information before the application.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Transportation License

All the growers are provided with cannabis transporter licenses. You will get a business transporter license or an individual transporter license. Also, they will give you a marijuana transporter card. You will need it for medical cannabis transportation in Oklahoma.

How to get an Oklahoma marijuana dispensary license?

An Oklahoma marijuana dispensary license is a business license. The application for this license is the same. So if you want to get an Oklahoma cannabis and marijuana dispensary license, follow the instructions above. Pass all the necessary stages and get your license. After that, you will be able to open your dispensary.

With this license, you will be able to sell medical cannabis products and edible cannabis. You can also sell concentrated cannabis to licensed patients. You can sell both cannabis products and seeds. The marijuana dispensary licenses are given in the license certificate form.

How to get an Oklahoma medical marijuana license?

If you want to get a medical marijuana business license, consult with a doctor. There is a board of registered physicians who will help you. You must pass a medical check and register.

You can get minor and adult medical cannabis licenses. The adult medical marijuana license is for adults. And a minor medical marijuana license is for children.

There are no required conditions for getting a license. You must go to a doctor and consult with him/her. After that, your doctor will give you a written certificate. It will verify your condition and you will apply. You must apply within 30 working days after you get the written certificate. If not, your application will be rejected. You must pay a $100 fee for the application.

OMMA will get back to you after 14 working days. They will review your application during this period. If the application meets all the requirements, you will get your license. And you will get Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

Caregiver Oklahoma medical marijuana license application

The caregiver must apply instead of the patient. He/she will be a caregiver or guardian of that patient. The guardian can apply only when the physician submits a document. This notifies that the patient’s need for a guardian.

The guardians must fill the designation form. You must mention whether you are caring for an adult or a minor patient. Minor patients can have two guardians as their parents. You must note that a guardian must be a family member. There are important requirements for application photos. Follow the instructions and get a license without any difficulties.

There are no payment requirements for the caregiver’s application. The caregiver license is valid until the patient’s license is. Adult patients can have one guardian. But the guardians can have five patients under their care.

There are temporary licenses. You can use them for a month. So it gives the same rights as an adult medical cannabis license.

You should give the patient’s information for the temporary minor cannabis license. You must also provide the guardian’s information. The name of the guardian will be written on the medical marijuana card. There are no temporary licenses for guardians. And to apply you must pay a $100 fee for each temporary license.

You can use your temporary license only for 30 days. But this date can’t exceed the license expiration date. If you want to renew your temporary license, you must pay a $100 fee.

Updating your information

If you have moved and you need to update your address, there is no problem. You can visit the OMMA website. Click on the “create new application”. After that, click on “patient update”.  And change your information. If you are a caregiver, then click on the “caregiver update”. And wait for an email. You will be informed about your updates. If you want to change any other information, follow the same idea.

You can find more information on the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority website.

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