Oklahoma HVAC License

Oklahoma HVAC License

You need an Oklahoma HVAC license in order to work in that industry. But some cities and counties will require local licenses within the state.

Are there different types of licenses in Oklahoma?

You can find two different types of HVAC licenses in Oklahoma. So here they are:

  • The first one is a restricted license
  • And the second one is a non-restricted license

If you obtain a restricted license, you can not work on equipment of more than 25 tons and 500,000 BTUs. But if you obtain an unrestricted license, you can work on larger systems. There are common practitioners in Oklahoma:

  1. Firstly, it is an Apprentice
  2. Secondly, it is a Journeyman
  3. And lastly, it is a Contractor


If you provide services in Oklahoma, you need an apprentice. In this case, the contractor will oversee your work and provide on-the-job training.

If you are an apprentice, you have to complete an application. Then, you will pay a $25 fee. When you submit the required documents, you will receive a registration card. The income from the minimum wage is about $18 for an hour.


In order to become a journeyman, you have to be 18 years old or more. At least three years of experience as a registered apprentice will be required. And you have to take an exam. The average salary is around $21.51 in an hour. Your work will contain altering, installing, and repairing HVAC systems.


If you want to become a contractor, you have to meet all the requirements as a journeyman. But you need an additional year of mechanical trade experience. You have to pay the cost of the application, which is $330. The average income for contractors is $47,080. If you gain more experience, your salary will increase.

How much does it cost to get an Oklahoma HVAC license?

  • For the apprentice, you have to pay $20 for the registration fee, and an additional fee, which is $5.
  • In order to get a mechanical contractor license, you have to pay a license fee which is $300. And there is an application fee, which is $30.
  • In order to obtain a Mechanical Journeyman, there is a license fee, which is $50. And the application fee is $25.
  • For the limited residential journeyman, you have to pay $75. And you must pay an application fee, which is $25.

How to get an HVAC license in Oklahoma?

An HVAC license in Oklahoma requires schooling, which is a major concern for individuals.

Here is a study online course for Journeyman and Contractor to obtain an HVAC license. You have to pay $199.99 plus taxes for the course. They separate fees for course books.

If you complete an HVAC apprenticeship, it is a step to get an HVAC license in Oklahoma. If you are an apprentice, you must have 2,000 hours of empirical training and 144 hours of technical education. You will need from three to five years to complete an apprenticeship program, but you can work while studying only alongside a skilled HVAC technician.

There is on-the-job experience, which gives apprentices to learn about HVAC systems. For apprentices, it is very important, as they can possess the knowledge and good communication and problem-solving skills about safety regulations.

The exam is administered by PSI exams. You can find resources online and study them online.

Who issues an Oklahoma HVAC license?

The license is issued by the Department of Occupational Licensing, Health Division.

Do you need to renew your HVAC license in Oklahoma?

You have to renew your HVAC license in Oklahoma. There are three steps for it.

  • The first step is finding out your expiration date. You will need to complete 6 hours of continuing education every 3 years before the license expires. You can find the expiration date of your HVAC license on the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board website.
  • The second step is completing continuing education training.
  • And the third step is completing the renewal application.

For a renewal of a contractor, you have to pay $200. And for a journeyman, the fee is $75.

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