Oklahoma Insurance License

Oklahoma Insurance License

What are the basic prerequisites for becoming an insurance agent in Oklahoma? Is it possible to take exam for more than one line of insurance? Is completing pre-license education a must?

Those, who want to obtain an insurance license in Oklahoma, probably have asked those questions to themselves. That is why this guide is here to provide answers to those questions.

How do I get an insurance license in Oklahoma?

Prepare for the exam

The Oklahoma Insurance Department does not have any requirements on pre-license credits for becoming a licensed insurance agent. Consequently, in preparation for the exam, you should study and practice in the way, that you find suitable for you.

Given these points, independent studying and taking courses are both acceptable. Thus, you may study on your own providing that you find the study material and always practice. You may also take classroom or online courses, which will furnish you with the material you need to pass the state licensing exam.

Take the Oklahoma licensing exam

After you feel prepared to take the exam, you should register online for it. You will need to take one exam for each desired line of insurance.

The test is proctored and you will need to take the test in his presence. His role is to watch over you and make sure you are not cheating on the test. He will also check that you do not use written notes, published materials and other helping things.

On the examination day, bring your Primary ID (driver’s license, state or government-issued ID, passport) and your Secondary ID (credit card, school ID). Both of these forms of identifications should be active and government-issued, as well as include your signature and photo.

Apply for the insurance license

After you successfully pass the Oklahoma insurance exam, you can apply for the insurance license. Click here to file your application online. The application fee is $60.

You must apply for all your desired lines of insurance. In case you decide to add another line of insurance later, you will need to pay additional $5.

Note that you should apply for license only after three days of passing the state licensing exam.

The cost to get an insurance license in Oklahoma

To become a licensed insurance agent in the state of Oklahoma, you should pay the following fixed fees. First of all, you must pay $41 for the state licensing exam (per attempt). You must also pay $60 for the license application.

If you decide to take classes from course providers, you will also need to pay for the insurance courses. The pre-license education prices vary per provider.

How many questions are on the Oklahoma insurance exam?

The number of the questions on the exam depend on the lines of authorities you wish to care.

The exam is in a multiple-choice format. It consists of general and state sections. The former covers basic insurance knowledge, while the latter covers laws, regulations, rules.

Immediately after taking the exam, you will receive the scoring documents, indicating whether you succeeded or failed.

What does an insurance license allow you to do in Oklahoma?

Having an Oklahoma insurance license qualifies you to legally explain, sell, and process the line of insurance you are specialized in. To put it differently, you will be able to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance.

Being a licensed insurance agent has many other advantages as well. You will enjoy a good reputation of a credible and reliable professional, who knows the details of the insurance industry. Hereby, you will get more clients and succeed in your career path as an insurance agent.

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