Oklahoma Marriage License

Oklahoma Marriage License

Each state has its requirements and rules for legal marriage. Compared with other states, getting a marriage license is quite easy in Oklahoma. This summary will make the process even more clear for you.

Oklahoma marriage license application

The responsible body for issuing a marriage license is the county clerk’s office. However, each County has its special rules. Moreover, there are 77 counties in Oklahoma. So be sure to check the specific rules for that particular county you are planning to apply to. Anyway, the application process is similar in all counties.

To get a marriage license both of you must appear in the County clerk’s office in person. Then you need to apply for a license. There you and your partner should write the basic information about yourself. It includes

  • Full names (first, second and middle names)
  • Social security numbers
  • Addresses
  • Birth dates etc.

Both parties need to provide valid documents. Here are listed those documents you must present:

  • A certified copy of a birth certificate
  • An ID issued by the state
  • Military ID if applicable
  • Documents proving your age and identity. It can be a passport or driver’s license.
  • Divorce decree. This is a must in case you don’t marry for the first time.
  • Name change details. This is a must if you have previously changed your name.

You can also book an appointment.

Oklahoma marriage license processing

License waiting period

The process for getting a marriage license is very quick in this state. There is no waiting period for the marriage license in Oklahoma. That is to say, as soon as you apply and get the license you can marry. However, make sure to obtain a marriage license at least a day before the wedding. It would be a wise decision as on certain days there may be a queue in the County Clerk’s Office. Or there can arise other problems in license processing.

Despite the no waiting period, individuals not yet 18 have to wait for 72 hours to obtain a license. On the other hand, divorced people have a 6 month waiting period. That is to say, they can get a new license only after that period.

The marriage license should be returned to the County clerk’s office within 10 days. You can do that either by mail or in person.


Usually, you can’t waive the waiting period. However, there is an exception. You can bring a written waiver and waive the waiting period. It needs to be signed by a judge.

Oklahoma Marriage License expiration date

Oklahoma marriage license validity period is 10 days. This is a limited time for getting married. If you don’t manage to marry during this period you have to buy another license.

Oklahoma Marriage License and certificate fee

An Oklahoma marriage license costs $50. However, there are special discounts.

When you complete premarital counseling you can pay only $5. Just meet the following conditions. First, the counselor has to be approved by the state. Second, you should complete at least 4 hours of counseling. After counseling, you just have to prove your counseling was successful. For that, you should provide the County Clerk Office with the original certificate of counseling completion.

Each county has different rules of payment. There are ones that accept only cash. So make sure to check the preferred payment method before visiting the office.

Marriage license eligibility in Oklahoma

Age requirements

In general, there are certain requirements for getting a marriage license. The first one is age.

  • People under 16 cannot marry. Exceptions are those who have a court order. To prove your age you need to present a birth certificate. Note that you should provide the translation of the birth certificate if it is not in English.
  • Similarly, persons between the ages of 16 and 18 must have a parent or legal guardian consent form. Again, a birth certificate can prove your age.
  • In contrast, persons at the age of 18 and over, can obtain a marriage license without any permission. A driver’s license, a passport, or a birth certificate is a must to prove your age.


The other requirement relates to marital history. If you have not been married before you have no problem getting a marriage license. If you were married before you can’t marry again for a certain period. That period is the 6 months after your divorce. During that time, you can marry only your previous spouse.


In Oklahoma, a blood test or medical exam is not necessary. However, you need to confirm that you are not closely related to your partner by blood. That is to say, first cousins or closer relatives can’t marry.


Oklahoma does not require you to be an Oklahoma resident. Moreover, you can also apply for a license if you are a member of a tribe. Just apply through the tribal government. Rules vary from tribe to tribe. In any case, this license is official, too.
However, the wedding must take place in Oklahoma.

Marriage ceremony conditions


First, you need two adult witnesses to view the ceremony. After the wedding witnesses need to sign the marriage license.


Second, you have to have a minister officiate your wedding. There are eligibility criteria for ministers. They must register in the County clerk’s office before being able to marry couples.

Oklahoma ministers can register in that county they reside. They must bring a valid driver license. It will show their address. Then they can perform the wedding service.

The rules are almost the same for non-resident ministers. They need to register in the county where the marriage will take place. When the minister registers in any country of Oklahoma the credentials are valid in the entire state. Note that there is no fee for registering.

Here is the list of persons who are authorized to perform the wedding service:

  • A current or retired judge
  • Rabbi
  • Minister
  • Preacher
  • Priest
  • Other church dignitaries.

Ministers also must sign the license together with the witnesses. Also, they need to fill in the bottom portion of the license with a number. The clerk provides the page number and a book during the registration.

Oklahoma marriage certificate

There are two options for getting a marriage certificate. Once you get married and return the license your marriage is recorded. In that case, you may receive an automatic mail with your marriage certificate. If not, you should apply for a copy of the certificate. There are online forms for applying.

Marriage types

Proxy marriage

The state of Oklahoma does not accept proxy marriages. The couple must be present during the wedding ceremony.

Same-sex marriage

The US Supreme Court has made a decision in 2015. It allows persons of the same gender to marry. In other words, no state can prohibit same-sex marriages. However, Oklahoma had this kind of point in the statute. The state did not recognize same-sex marriages that were performed in other states. Since 2014, same-sex marriages are legal in this state, too. Moreover, these people can even adopt a child.

Common-law marriage

Common-law marriage is not a traditional marriage. It is a type of marriage that has its features. First, the couple must live together. Second, they have to have an intent to marry. And third, they are not currently married officially.

Oklahoma recognizes Common law marriages.

Covenant Marriage

In Oklahoma, there is no option of Covenant marriages. It is a marriage type with limited divorce options.

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