Oklahoma License Plate Lookup

Oklahoma License Plate Lookup

The state issues license plates to residents, who have vehicles without Oklahoma registration. The Motor Vehicle Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) takes responsibility for license plate-related issues. You must attach the license plate to the back of the vehicle. Moreover, it has to be clearly visible and unobstructed. On the plate, you can find a month’s decal, which shows the car tag’s expiration.

To fit the personalized interests of the residents, the Oklahoma DPS provides many types and a variety of designs for the plates. However, most people tend to choose standard plates. In 2017 the State of Oklahoma renewed the design of standard Oklahoma license plates. The “Explore Oklahoma” car tag appeared on the plate. The plate has a height of 15 cm and a weight of 30 cm. The first Oklahoma license plate which corresponded with US standardized sizes was issued in 1955.

How to look up a license plate in Oklahoma?

Everyone can perform Oklahoma license plate lookup.  However, you have to know that the state pays special attention to the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) laws. When requesting the records, you will need to complete a special form. It is to confirm your right to access the files. Any violation of DPPA laws and misuse of the information will cause serious legal consequences.

The state body responsible for the vehicle’s registration and issuance of license plates is the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you want to do the license plate lookup personally, you can visit your local DMV office. This is not a very effective way because you will probably have to wait around at the DMV office. You will waste half of your day there.

The more effective and time-saving method is to do the license plate lookup online. The DMV website provides you with an opportunity to do most of the license plate lookup from home. You just need to complete the required form of application, pay all the fees and wait for getting the plate by mail.

You can do the Oklahoma license plate lookup even without using the vehicle’s VIN. Some free online lookup websites can give you short information on the vehicle’s specifications, but the details of the owner will not be provided.

Where and how to Register a Vehicle in Oklahoma?

Whether you bought a new car or you have settled in Oklahoma, you have only 30 days to do the vehicle titling. You should also submit an application for a license plate. Legally, without a license plate, you can drive your vehicle on the roads of Oklahoma for only five days. There are two options for registering your vehicle in Oklahoma. The first option is to visit the nearest office of the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC), and complete the appropriate application form. Accordingly, you pay the requested fees and wait for the arrival of your plate by mail. The other option is to organize the vehicle registration process with the assistance of a local car tag agent.

Valid Oklahoma car insurance is an essential precondition for vehicle titling or registration. Hence,  before applying make sure that you have valid insurance.

Several factors form the amount of the fee for registration, such as the vehicle’s price, year, etc. That’s why if you need to know the certain amount of the fee you need to contact your local tag agent.

In Oklahoma, to complete the registration of your vehicle for the first time you need to pay:

  • The fee of $11 for titling,
  • Secondly, the registration fee is $96 for vehicles and $99 for motorcycles,
  • The fee for postage is $5,
  • Excise tax.

The government of Oklahoma allows you to transfer your existing plate from your old vehicle to the new one by yourself. The plates are linked to the person and not to the vehicle. In 2019, the amendment was made to the law. So the plates stay with the owner, and he/she can transfer them from one vehicle to another one of the same types.

Selection of License Plates

Oklahoma MVD suggests three main options for license plates to choose from:

  • Standard license plates for all those residents, who apply for the registration,
  • Special license plates (personalized, organizational, and military honor), which identify and describe special features of citizens and organizations.
  • Disability license plates.

Within each category, there are still many types of license plates to choose from.

Personalized Vanity License Plates

The state bodies responsible for license plate-related issues offer personalized and customized vanity license plates. You can not search your preferred specific lettering online, as the OTC has to approve it. The reason for this is to exclude possible offensive context.

You can display your personalized license plates on:

  • Autos,
  • Pickups,
  • Vans,
  • Motorcycles.

To order a personalized license plate you need to fill the required application form. After completing it, you need to submit the application and the fees by mail.

Note: For standard personalized license plates you have to pay $25 to order and $21.55 to renew in addition to your registration and renewal fees.

The state may refuse your application for several reasons, read more on our banned Oklahoma license plates page.

How to renew a License Plate in Oklahoma?

You should renew the registration of your vehicle before it expires. Generally, vehicle owners receive a renewal notice by mail. In case you prefer paperless notices, you should visit the OTC website and sign up for email notification.

There are three options for vehicle registration in Oklahoma:

  • In-person.
  • By mail (requires completing an application form filled with all the requested information and proof of payment).
  • Online. This method of renewal requires the VIN, your driver’s license number, the number of your license plate, valid insurance, and payments.

You have to renew your vehicle’s registration within 30 days after its expiration dat. Otherwise, the DMV will charge late fees. Per day you will have to pay $1 as a late fee, the maximum amount is $100.

Several factors influence the formation of the vehicle registration renewal fee. The first one is the number of registration years. The fees, generally, start from $96 for the first time of registration and end at $26, when the vehicle has registration at Oklahoma DMV for more than 17 years.

Why do we need Temporary License Plates?

You should consider that in short terms you cannot organize the registration of your newly bought car. Therefore, you would need a temporary license plate. Only certificated Oklahoma vehicle dealers provide temporary plates. Even if the purchased vehicle has a valid Oklahoma license plate, you need to replace the existing long-term license plate with a temporary one. In Oklahoma, this is the only case when the state considers the usage of temporary license plates as legal.

Besides, the dealer should advise you to register the vehicle in your name within a month. The license plates have to show detailed information on the dealership (dealership’s name, the number of driver’s license). That will allow relevant law representatives to easily get the Bill of Sale. It contains information on the automobile’s purchase date and the seller’s license number. The name of the dealership should also be displayed on the plate. The other important feature is the unique serial number, which the dealer records by him/herself. In addition, the disposition of the temporary license plate is under the accountability of the dealer.

Is it possible to replace the Car Tags?

The OTC provides you with the opportunity to replace your vehicle’s tags if somebody damages or steals them. Not to forget about losing them. You can do it personally or by mail. To launch the process of replacement, take the following actions:

  • Fill out the special form for replacement,
  • Provide valid insurance,
  • Pay applicable replacement fees.

How to Transfer and Surrender Tags?

As we have already mentioned, Oklahoma license plates are linked to the person and not to the vehicle. Thus, when you buy a new car, you can freely transfer your license plate from car to car. Underline the date of validation, as when the license plate is expired you have to renew the registration of the plate. After that, you can transfer the tags.

When the car already has an Oklahoma license plate, you should surrender the old plates. You may also need to change the registration of your vehicle.

If you want to complete the procedure of surrendering, you should visit the local OTC tag agency and leave your old plate there.

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