Oklahoma Security License

Oklahoma Security License

An Oklahoma security license allows you to work as a bodyguard. The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training(CLEET) regulates the licensing of officers.

To learn more about the process, keep reading.

General requirements

To be eligible for permission one must:

  • Be at least at the age of 18 (at least 21 for armed).
  • Be a citizen or legal resident of the United States.
  • Have no previous conviction (waiver is possible).

If you want to carry a weapon, you must show proof of a job and a necessity for a gun.



You need special training to qualify as a bodyguard. Here is the list for it:

  • 2 part preparation (20 hours each)
  • A written examination

The regulatory institution has a list of schools that are allowed to teach the necessary lessons. They also have the contact information on their website to get in touch with the schools.

When it comes to the second point, written exams occur in 44 testing centers. Since 2015, this has been organized by Career Tech. The cost for the test is $25. To learn more about this, visit the Career Tech page.

It is possible to skip classes and examinations in some special situations. This applies to any of the following circumstances:

  • Provide an adequate experience from some other jurisdiction.
  • To be a peace, a correctional or a reserve officer who has proof of equivalent preparation.
  • To be military or police personnel.
  • Have evidence you have passed the appropriate preparedness.
  • To have had a job as a guard for a year(in the previous three years).

In any of these situations mentioned above, the person has to provide documentation. The regulatory body will either partially or fully waive the course.

You can work without a license. But be sure to complete all the requirements within 180 days.


There are additional requirements if you seek to be a cop with a gun, such as:

  • Show you are employed.
  • Authenticate the necessity to carry a gun.
  • 32 hours of additional courses
  • A firearm test

Note that you cannot waive firearm lessons under any circumstances.

To have a weapon, you have to pass a psychological evaluation. Take this step before taking the classes. The results of the assessment will be acceptable for six months. If it expires before you apply for the permit, you must redo it. You could opt out of this if you are a peace or active reserve cop.


Before filling out the application, acquire a fingerprint card either from the police department or online. Make sure you have two of those in your papers.

Besides the fingerprints, there is also a background check done by the local police.

Access the application on the CLEET web page. Chose from options appropriate for your case. It comprises different elements:

  • Multiple documents (a few of them notarized)
  • Proof of lawful residence in the US
  • Two passport-style photos (3 for those with a firearm)
  • Letter of employment or insurance paper
  • A document from the court (in case of an arrest record)
  • A sheet attesting to it (if no history of arrest)

The fees include the fingerprint cost as well. It is $91 for unarmed guards and $141 for armed.


You ought to have insurance. If your employer does not cover it, you ought to do it independently. For unarmed coverage, it should be at least $5,000, for armed – $10,000.


The permit is valid for three years. You have to complete 8-hour lessons to renew it.


Just like Virginia, Oklahoma, too, has a reciprocity policy.

Submit all the paperwork to this address:

CLEET Private Security
2401 Egypt Road
Ada, OK 74820-0669

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