Oklahoma Tattoo License

Oklahoma Tattoo License

You should keep in mind that a resident of every state must have a license to practice body art. If you want to get acquainted with the procedure to get an Oklahoma tattoo license and the knowledge necessary to pass the exam, then you should read the full article.

How to Get a License to Tattoo?

Only persons over 18 years of age can be granted a permit. All you need is two full years of artist licensing from another state. However, if it is missing, complete the Apprentice Program.

Application materials include:
  • Completed application for a tattoo or body piercing license (for each type)
  • Photo ID copy
  • Birth certificate copy
  • Affidavit of Lawful Presence completed
  • Evidence of licensure or evidence that a recognized apprenticeship has been completed
  • Certificate of current Blood-borne Pathogen training
  • The fee of $250 (for each type)
Then, send all paperwork to:
Consumer Protection Division of the OSDH

Examination Details

Candidates will receive a test letter by mail upon successful completion of their two-year experience test or Apprentice program. Once applicants receive all documentation, they must select an authorized Oklahoma tattoo license exam testing location and make arrangements to take all documentation there.
Also, they must go to the Department of Career and Technology Education to confirm the testing location with the original Test Letter and a legitimate photo ID. In addition, they should pay $200.00 for testing.
Then, they must obtain a minimum of 70% on the written test. It tests how well the applicants have understood the following topics:
  • Anatomy, physiology, and disease
  • Ink theory and application
  • Safety and aseptic technique
  • Professionalism

What Should I Do if I Do not get a Minimum Score?

However, if you do not get a minimum score of 70 %, you may retest up to two times. But, before retesting, wait at least seven days. If you do not get a passing score after three attempts, please register or re-register in the project for another chance to pass the test.

You will get your Oklahoma tattoo license after validating your passing score.

What is Body Art Apprenticeship?

The Program has two parts:

  • Apprentice Program
  • License

It requires students to complete at least 1,500 hours under the supervision of an approved sponsor. Besides, students in the Program are not permitted to practice their craft on human subjects.

A student finishes the project teaching hours, then presents an application for licensure before applying. The learners subsequently take the Examination and, if successful, they get a one-year permit. It will allow the learner to practice their craft directly under the surveillance of the sponsor.

What Are the Limitations for Tattooing Humans?

Apprenticeship hours are only valid if you are working for an artist who currently holds a permit. In this case, it is your and the sponsor’s responsibility to notify OSDH if the approved sponsor or store changes.

Every three months the OSDH must submit the Quarterly Progress Reports and Weekly Time Sheets while accumulating the 1,500 hours. (Please save a copy for your records.) After finishing the learning, the apprentice may apply to OSDH for full licensing. Department must do that by submitting the License to a Full-Time Application.

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